User Manual


Edit Trigger

Every Workflow starts with a Trigger, which is an event that defines how people enter a Workflow. A Trigger can be anything from marketing engagement - which email someone opened - to orders made, pages browsed, actions taken in a third-party integration, and more.

Workflow Triggers are forward-facing. This means that they only apply to people who perform the action defined after the Workflow is turned on. 

A person can't enter a Workflow if they're already in it.


Add a Trigger

Trigger Provider and Event drop-downs.

Specify the trigger provider and event to trigger Workflow automation. The drop-down to the left contains all of the providers that send events to Drip. When you select Drip as the provider, the drop-down to the right contains events specific to Drip. When another provider is selected, events specific to that provider are made available in the drop-down to the right.

To add a Trigger:

  1. Click Define a trigger...
  2. Select the event Provider
  3. Select the Event
  4. Click Update Trigger

When a person performs the specified event they will enter into the Workflow.

For more information about what providers and events can be used, read about predefined events.

Trigger Filter

Add a Filter to a Trigger.

Use a Trigger filter to apply additional criteria and narrow down the number of people who can enter a Workflow. The same filter criteria that are available for segments are available for Trigger filters.

For example, you can use a Trigger filter to target customers who buy specific products and tailor your messaging.

To apply a filter to a trigger:

  1. Click Change
  2. Apply Filters
  3. Click Update Criteria

With a filter, the trigger no longer applies to everyone who performs the trigger event. A person must perform the event and fulfill the additional criteria as specified.

For more information about what Filters you can use to make a Workflow trigger more exclusive, read about our People Filter.


Entered a Segment Trigger

Entered a segment trigger

Use the Entered a segment Trigger to start a saved segment of people into a Workflow. When this Trigger is applied, a person who enters the selected Saved Segment will start the Workflow within 24 hours.

Triggers are forward-facing, so select the Entered a segment trigger and turn on the Workflow before you add people to a segment. This is not an evergreen Trigger. 

Entered a Segment is only available as a Workflow Trigger. It is not available as a Rule Trigger or Workflow Goal.