Shopify Cart Abandonment Guided Workflow

Before You Get Started

The Cart Abandonment Guided Workflow feature makes it easier than ever for our Shopify integrated users to start winning back some of that abandoned cart revenue. 

When you let Drip handle your abandoned cart reminder emails, your business will automatically benefit from the following:

  • Predefined Shopify-centric workflow that automates a cart abandonment email after a cart has been left abandoned for a certain length of time.
  • Abandoned cart email that includes product images, names, prices, item quantities left in their cart, and a CTA button linking customers back to their carts.
  • Listens for purchase events based on Shopify’s Order created event.

There are a few things you’ll need to do before activating abandoned cart automation in your own account:

  • Integrate your Shopify store
  • Disable the built-in abandoned cart email reminders from your Shopify account, as Drip will handle that process once you activate the workflow.
  • Get up to speed with Drip's Visual Builder. This is the tool you'll use to manage and edit the design of the abandoned cart emails.

Create an Abandoned Cart Workflow

Once you've integrated your store, set up the abandoned cart guided workflow in your account. There is no limit to the number of abandoned cart workflows you can run at the same time, and one will not prevent another from sending emails.  

If you’re unable to complete your workflow set up, we’ll save your progress for you and you can always revisit the workflow to complete it at a later time. 

To create an abandoned cart workflow in your own account:

  1. Log in to your Drip account 
  2. Access the Workflow by expanding the "Best practices: Abandoned Cart" recommendation on your account dashboard
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Choose which design template you’d like to use for the email. Click on the different thumbnail examples to view larger examples of each and to preview how the grid breaks down on desktops, tablets, and phone devices. The main difference between them is in the grid pattern used to display the product images. You can always change the design template at a later time. Once you’ve made your choice, click Next

    Save for later saves your progress at any point during the setup, so if you need to, you can finish setting up your workflow at another time.You’ll find those saved workflows in the Automation > Workflows section of your account.

  5. Enter in some important details about you as the email sender, to make sure your email lands safely in its intended inbox. By default, this information gets pulled from the Basic Email Settings you’ve already saved in your account, and you’re able to update this information at any time. Click Next

  6. Before you activate your workflow, you'll notice that you can modify the Timing delay of the email. We've pre-set this for you so the email will have a maximum impact in recovering some of that abandoned cart revenue. There's no need to modify this setting unless you've otherwise intended

  7. Click Edit to enter into the email's design editor. This is where you will be able to add your own finishing design touches such as adding your company logo, brand colors, and marketing copy. If you do decide to further edit the email design, keep in mind that we've already pre-loaded your email with everything it needs to look good on any device and display the customer's abandoned cart items. Take care not to remove any of the Liquid already included in the email

  8. Click over to the Advanced tab before activating your workflow and notice the Resend delay feature. Customers who do not make a purchase by the time this delay has expired will resend the email as a final reminder to the customer that there are items left in their cart. As with the first delay, we've also pre-set this one for you and there's no need to modify it unless you've otherwise intended

  9. Click Activate Workflow once you’re ready to start automating your abandoned cart emails!

  10. Before the workflow becomes active, you'll receive a final pop-up reminder to disable Shopify's default abandoned cart reminder email in your Shopify account  

    From the pop-up reminder:
      • Click Yes if you are currently using Shopify's default email reminders and you still need to disable that feature in your account.
      • Click Not sure if you're not certain whether you're currently using Shopify's default email reminders.
      • Click No if that feature is not currently enabled in your Shopify account.