Convert Shoppers into Customers with Product Price Drop Notifications

Understand Product Price Drop Notifications

Drip’s Price Drop Notifications are comprised of two Workflow nodes. The Product Price Drop Trigger or Goal and an Action: Send a one-off email with the Price Drop dynamic content. Both the trigger and dynamic content block need to be present in the workflow for this feature to work.

When a shopper creates a cart in your store, fills in their own information (email address, name, etc), but leaves one item or more behind, they can be enticed to follow through with the purchase after getting an email notifying them the price has dropped.

For example, as a shopper, you went to Ella’s Pet Store and added one too many dog toys, so you decided not to go ahead with my purchase. Then, the store drops the price of the chew toy, the rope toy, and the squeaky tennis balls. This price drop will fire the Product Price Drop trigger and two hours later send you an email containing dynamic content with the news about the lower prices for all the products in your cart impacted by the drop in price.

Configure the Workflow

With Price Drop Notifications, you can create a Workflow from scratch or use a Drip created Sharable Workflow.

Create a Workflow

  1. Create a Workflow

  2. Add a Product Price Drop Trigger or Goal node and select Shopify or Shopper Activity API. For Magento select the Shopper Activity API as your Trigger.

  3. Add an Action -> Send a one-off email downstream after the Product Price Drop node

  4. Compose the Automation email to include the Price Drop dynamic content block

  5. Add additional nodes to the Workflow

  6. Activate the Workflow

Steps 2-4 must be added to the email for product images and detail to display

Use a Shareable Workflow

  1. Install one of the Workflows below in your account

  2. Format the Automation email in the Send one-off email node

  3. Modify any additional nodes

  4. Activate the Workflow

Shopper Activity



The Magento Product Price Drop Trigger is configured with the Shopper Activity API.

Review the Data

Dig deeper into the performance of your Product Price Drop Notifications with the Workflow Dashboard. Here you can see an analysis of what did well, and what you can improve upon. And as always you can build better, more profitable relationships with shoppers.

You can generate and view the following information in the Workflow Dashboard.

  • Define the date range

  • View the overall revenue performance of the Workflow

  • Easily identify top-performing days

  • Compare the revenue performance of the selected date range to the previous period

  • View the revenue and engagement metrics for each email