Post Purchase

Watch our Designing Workflows: Post Repeat Purchase webinar to learn how to make a killer post repeat purchase Workflow from scratch.

Know Your Strategy

While acquiring new customers is important, your business will get to (or is already at) the point where retaining your current customers is just as crucial (and cheaper). Nearly 80% of consumers say that a positive brand experience overall post-purchase is important to them. This means that once a customer has made a purchase, you need to have an effective strategy to create loyalty with them. Post-purchase, you know something new about the customer, and you should incorporate that information into your subsequent messaging strategy. Drip makes it easy for you to connect with those customers and keep the conversation going! 

Create Great Email Content

Keep these points in mind when thinking through how to craft email content for your post-purchase strategy.  

  1. Personalized messaging. Now that they've made a purchase, you know more about them. Use that information to build a stronger relationship with personalized content

  2. Product recommendations. Recommend products that complement their initial purchase. In Drip, you can easily insert product recommendations into your emails. 

  3. Capture Social Proof. Ask for them to share their purchase on your top social channel by showing real customers loving your products.

  4. Incentive to purchase again. Think about what might make your loyal customers feel really special with a loyalty discount code.

Configure Your Workflow

Post purchase workflow.

Install one of our pre-built Workflows, or build your own. Our pre-built Workflows have Triggers already defined to work with your ecommerce platform and include recommended Action and Delay steps.

If you choose to build your own, make sure to select the Trigger that applies to your ecommerce provider.

Edit Your Trigger

Edit your workflow trigger.

Configure your Triggers to align with your ecommerce platform. 

Shopify: Order created

Order created Shopify Trigger.

Magento: Placed an order

Magento placed an order trigger.

Shopper Activity API: Placed an order

Shopper Activity API placed an order trigger.

WooCommerce: Placed an order

Placed an order WooCommerce Trigger.

Craft Your Emails

Create your emails with our Visual Email Builder

Activate Your Workflow

Click Start Workflow in the upper right-hand corner to activate your Workflow.  

Measure Your Post-Purchase Workflow Performance

Post-purchase revenue dashboard.

After your Workflow has been running for a few weeks, see how it’s performing on the Workflow Dashboard. The Workflow Dashboard allows you to do a deeper analysis of performance and understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can optimize your marketing strategies and build better, more profitable relationships with your customers.