Engage Customers with Product Recommendations

Grow Your Business with Product Recommendations

product recommendations

Stay engaged with customers after they’ve made a purchase helps instill a deeper trust in your brand. One way of enhancing the customer’s experience is by helping them choose which of your products to buy next. With Recommendations, you can add personalized, dynamic product recommendations inside of their emails to promote revenue growth. 

  • Engage shoppers with more of your product offering. 
  • Give personalized recommendations to open your customers up to other products you offer and encourage repeat purchase behavior. 
  • Increase brand loyalty, and make customers more likely to promote your products or services to others.

Use Recommendations with the following integrated ecommerce platforms: ShopifyMagento, WooCommerce, and Drip's Shopper Activity API.

Create an Email with Product Recommendations

Product recommendations can be placed in any Workflow, Single Email Campaign, or Email Series Campaign email built with the Visual Email Builder.

To add product recommendations in your emails:

    1. Create or open an existing email built with the Visual Email Builder.

    2. Click Recommend Product

    3. Add the content block where you’d like it placed in the email. 

    4. Add or delete Product Title, Product Price, or View Product content

Preview the email to view the email as it will look to customers, including the content block for product recommendations. Use the “Preview As” to see the products suggested to an individual person.

If you’d like to automate post-purchase emails with product recommendations to your customers, install one of the shareable Workflows below in your account.

The content block is already included in the emails, but make sure to update the email design and content to fit your brand, then activate it.

Understand Product Recommendations

Drip decides which products to recommend based on the customer’s past purchases.

  • Products will be excluded from recommendations if the customer has already purchased the item.
  • Products will be excluded if the item is out of stock.
  • With Shopify, you can exclude products in Drip, add a “Drip Do Not Recommend” product tag in Shopify to any products you don’t want to recommend.
  • If a customer does not have order history, the Recommendation content block will default display your store’s Top Selling Products.

Order and Product data are up to 36 hours behind. For example, if a purchase is made, it may take up to 36 hours for Drip’s recommendation model to know about it. The same delay exists if a product sells out or you tag it with “Drip Do Not Recommend”.


Track Your Results

Campaign dashboard with revenue data.

After you’ve sent an email with product recommendations, view the dashboard for that email to keep track of how much revenue it's earning. Dashboards for Workflow, Single Email Campaign, and Email Series Campaign emails all keep track of the total revenue, average order value, and more.