Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Drip on your mind? Pick our brains and let’s get some of those Q’s cleared up with some answers.

General Questions

What is an ECRM?

ECRM stands for Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management, but it means so much more. ECRM unites all the customer data collected across your ecommerce platform and marketing channels, organizes it, and makes it accessible and useful.

ECRM empowers retailers to use every bit of info to make timely, personalized customer experiences through email, social media, SMS, paid ads, postcards, and beyond to build long-term customer loyalty.

Why do I need an ECRM?

Online shopping has turned into a battle of between barcodes vs. brands, commodities vs. corner-store experiences. Consumers today are yearning for the human touch, but most online stores are still focused on selling cold and fast.

Specialty retailers that use ECRM are able to build the experiences that real people want today. With Drip, brands can give human, one-to-one touches through all their marketing channels at scale. When stores can connect with each customer at the right time with relevant messaging, that’s when loyalty is built.

How is an ECRM different than a traditional CRM?

A traditional Customer Relationship Management platform, or CRM, is geared toward serving B2B sales teams. CRMs are built to keep track of thousands of prospect lifecycles, reach out at key moments, and, ultimately, drive sales. CRMs have sales teams in mind—not ecommerce brands or your customers.

In contrast, an Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management platform, or ECRM, is tailored to the needs of ecommerce. We collect information on millions of ecommerce consumers so retailers can nurture authentic relationships, provide better experiences, and create lasting customer loyalty.

Just like how a CRM or a salesperson would listen for keywords or indicators of purchase intent, Drip captures consumers’ online behavior to help retailers automatically nurture them to a sale by remembering and responding to their interests and needs.

I’m just getting started, what resources do you have to help me get the most out of Drip?

Just joining? Drip has you covered. MyDrip is our hub for getting up and running with an ECRM. With docs, how-to guides, industry resources, and long-form video courses, you’ll learn about Drip and how to get the most out of an ECRM in no time.

Still need a hand? Every paying Drip customer gets access to email and live chat support fielded by the true pros on our Customer Support team.

What customer behavior does Drip track?

The magic to Drip is its ability to keep track of what your customers are up to so that you can understand them more than ever, then leverage that data in your marketing strategies. Drip gathers and organizes data such as pages people visit, items they order, order frequency, order value, emails opened, and more. With a full-color view of the customer’s journey from first visit to first purchase and beyond, you will be able to personalize and optimize your strategies across all you marketing channels.

Heads up! In order to track all the good stuff, Drip has to be able to identify the people on your site via your unique JavaScript snippet. Dig deeper into identifying the people popping by your store with Drip. Learn more here.

Support Topics

Does Drip integrate with other tools?

Drip’s roster of integrations spans everything from ecommerce platforms to landing page builders to Facebook and beyond. And with tools like Zapier, even more platforms can be connected than ever. To get an eyeful of everything Drip works with, check out our integrations here.

What ecommerce platforms does Drip work with?

Drip integrates directly with:

The Drip Shopper Activity API is also available for ecommerce platforms not listed above, including any custom-built stores.

Can I use Drip if I have a custom ecommerce platform?

You sure can! Drip’s Shopper Activity API is ready and waiting for your custom ecommerce store to take full advantage of every customer-loving feature.

How do I get ahold of Drip’s Customer Support team?

All paying Drip customers have access to email and live chat support from 9 am to 5 pm CT, Monday through Friday. Just log into your account and click the support widget to get started.

What are your Terms of Service? Can my company use Drip?

Not sure if your business obliges by Drip’s Terms of Service? See what’s cool (and not so cool) with us in Section 3 of our ToS. Read up on the official Drip Rules in our Terms of Service found here.

What is your payment or cancelation policy?

We dive into some big details about fees and payment in Section 7 of our ToS. Read up on all the nitty gritty right here. Remember, if you aren’t seeing the info you need in the ToS, it’s best to reach out to our Support team with your specific billing questions or concerns.

What data does Drip collect?

We’re all-in when it comes to privacy. For more information about the data Drip collects and the GDPR, see our Privacy Policy.